Sheila Hammond is the series' female protagonist. She lives with her husband, Joel Hammond, and her daughter, Abby Hammond, in a suburban neighborhood in Santa Clarita. At the start of the series, Sheila suddenly falls ill and becomes an undead.

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Season 1Edit

Sheila is an ordinary suburban realtor living with her husband and daughter in Santa Clarita. When she suddenly falls ill and becomes an undead for unknown reasons, her newfound uncontrollable lust for human flesh turns her family's average life upside down. To complicate matters further, her personality undergoes a transformation as well, making her "80% bolder." She is now driven primarily by her impulses however she retains her memories and human emotions. With time she develops some control but still needs to be energetic and eat in order to not lose control. Her penchant for impulsively murdering and eating hapless humans proves difficult to manage. Despite these difficulties, however, she seems to be content with her new life, fully prepared to "own her truth." However as time goes on she has more and more violent outbursts even coming close to hurting Joel in one argument. She along with her husband and daughter try to learn more about her condition and eventually find what they think will cure her towards the end of season 1 this turns out not to a cure but merely a way of keeping her from getting any worse. At the beginning of season 2, she is chained up in the basement at her own request. She tries to escape instinctively but knows she is a danger. After her condition is halted she is let out despite worries she could still attack someone in anger. She manages to reduce her anger by running in the desert which apparently makes her less violent as she uses energy.

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